Discovery to Deposit

RHB offers a range of services that enable you to articulate your distinctive offerings and attract best-fit students.

Institutional Positioning, Marketing and Marketing Research
  • Coherence: Three Points to Position
  • Circles of Influence
  • Coherence Inventory: Recruitment Focus
  • Brand Vantage
Strategic enrollment marketing communications plans
  • 36-month undergraduate enrollment marketing communication plans
  • 12-month graduate enrollment marketing communication plans
  • Communications workshops
Communication campaigns with multi-channel engagement (digital and print)
  • Pre-12th grade awareness and affinity-building campaigns (may include sophomore/junior search, but also inquiry generation leading into 12th grade app generation)
  • 12th-grade application generation campaigns (may include senior search, but also inquiry pool-based app gen campaigns)
  • Transfer student application generation and yield campaigns
  • Graduate student application generation and yield campaigns
Designing and writing services for print and digital communication
Print management and campaign implementation
Coherent visit experience design
  • Campus tour assessment
  • Slate-based experiences from registration through arrival through departure
  • On-campus digital interface for visitors
Applicant experience portals
Student-centered financial aid communications
  • Slate-based net price calculator
  • Slate-based supplemental financial aid applications
  • Financial aid literacy campaigns for families
  • Financial aid application campaigns
  • Student-centric financial aid offers
Recruitment diagnostics
  • Landscape analysis
  • Strategy assessment
  • Assessment and team development
Recruitment plan review and development
Enrollment data dashboards
  • Know where you are and where you’re headed with in-Slate report suites built by RHB to track year-over-year progress.
  • Enhance your user experience with RHB-designed custom data feeds that drive powerful visualizations in Tableau and PowerBI.
Inquiry and applicant engagement scoring
  • RHB builds customized engagement scoring models, hosted inside or outside your Slate database, driven by student attributes and behaviors to help you understand applicants’ likelihood to enroll, which you can leverage to better impact yield.
Admitted Student Surveys
  • Hosted in your Slate database

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